Photography by Brian Lippe

Be Emerald Green, Ocean Blue

The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves.
— Rachael Carson

30 things you can do in June (and everyday)

  1. Take your reusable mug with you to your favorite coffee shops today and every day! 

  2. Walk or ride your bike for an errand in town!  Don’t cheat! Keep it parked.

  3. Pick up 3 pieces of trash today! Heck! Do it every day!

  4. Attend the City Council Meeting today at 4:00pm and show your support for Emerald Green, Ocean Blue! JUNE 4th

  5. Request your newspapers arrive online.

  6. Carry your reusable grocery bags and use them!

  7. Don’t be a sucker. Say no to plastic straws today and every day! 

  8. Clean the beach today for 30 minutes! What if 1000 people cleaned the beach today? WOW!

  9. Use your reusable vegetable / fruit bags or order some today.

  10. Transition to LED lights. The next time a bulb burns out, use LED instead! 

  11. Eat less meat. Reduce your carbon footprint. Meat production is one of the most environmentally destructive industries on the planet. It is responsible for excessive water use, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and habitat destruction.

  12. Consider using Low-Flow faucets and toilets. 

  13. Call SDG&E to request a home evaluation to see if you can save energy.

  14. Call Cal-Am Water Company to request an evaluation to save water. 

  15. Visit a second hand store or garage sale -- reuse rather than buy new. 

  16. Start a compost. Here’s how:

  17. Ditch the plastic bottled water. Take your reusable water bottle with you every day.

  18. Go paperless! E-bills, e-banking, e-tickets - it all adds up! 

  19. Don’t waste food. Approximately ⅓ of all food produced goes to waste. Food waste ranks as the 3rd top emitter of carbon emissions. 

  20. Say no to plastic wrap and baggies.

  21. Buy organic. Conventional farming methods rely on pesticides that pollute and damage ecosystems. 

  22. Grow your own vegetables. 

  23. Rake your yard and gutters. Keep yard waste and chemicals out of our storm drains. It all ends up in the ocean. Leaf debris causes bacteria to form in our waters.

  24. Wash your clothes in cold water and save energy.

  25. Turn off power switches. Unplug appliances when not in use. You will save energy and money!

  26. Repurpose and reuse household items. Use glass jars and bottles for storing food. 

  27. Clean greener! Many cleaning products are toxic to our health! Choose non-toxic cleaners.

  28. Share a photo or video on social media depicting ways others can make a difference (ex. show the reusable coffee mug you are using; the bike you chose to ride to the store, etc.)

  29. Have a family meeting and make a TO DO list for each member of the family to become more Emerald Green and Ocean Blue!

  30. Thank a person you see who is doing something to help the environment.